Android Crash debugging using Rampdump parser

This post details usage of ramdump parser to debug crashes on android running qualcomm chipsets. It has been validated on APQ8064 chipsets with host running Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS version. Prerequisite: Python Ver 2.7 is needed Environment Setup:  Download the ramdump parser tool from code aurora forum mkir caftools cd caftools git clone git://­opensource/tools.git  Download the […]

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Vundle: Vim Plugin Manager

Managing different vim plugins is done through plugin manager in Vim. There exists three vim plug-in managers – Pathogen, Vundle and NeoBundle as of this writing. During early days, vim community witnessed compatibility issues in reusing the vim plugins developed by their peers as each developed in their own manner. A Plugin manager became a […]

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Time Management

How often do we hear or feel ourselves that: I can do this provided I had the time. Is this a common scenario in this highly competitive world? Yes, in this cut-throat competitive world, people are very busy chasing their dreams. That’s how it is got to be. No comments on that front. Every one […]

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Kernel Modules: Introduction

This blog post details the experiences of writing “Hello World!” kernel module. Problem Statement: – This kernel module should be able be loaded and unloaded successfully. – This driver should be able to be built using arbitary kernel source headers. – The script should show no errors/warnings. – This driver should be compatible with […]

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Managing dotfiles using vcsh and mr

This blog post details managing the dotfiles using vcsh and mr. The two aspects involved in managing dotfiles are: 1. Adding/Tracking the required dotfiles onto vcsh’s local git repository, pushing it to remote repository managed using myrepos. 2. The bootstrap procedure on a new PC. Phase1:  Initializing environment for dotfiles management vcsh init mr vcsh […]

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